August 20, 2015

Back to school in Parshall

By Edna Sailor

"Our enrollment is just about where it was last spring. We may be up or down a few kids, but no huge fluctuations. I am excited about our new school year and we have much to look forward to."

That statement describes how Principal Lewis Reese feels about the new school year at Parshall Elementary school.

While the school still has vacancies for teachers, Reese remains confident about his programs.

"We are fortunate to have a group of teachers who are willing to step up and do the extra work it will take to meet the needs of our children. Our staff is younger this year with an average work experience of nine or ten years. It used to be an average of 17 years. But we have had some retirements that changed those numbers. The vacancies will not impact us negatively," Reese said.

While years of experience are vastly important in the classroom, technology is a game changer.

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