October 24, 2013

Bakken Inn gets go-ahead

By Jerry W. Kram

In two brief votes, the Parshall City Council approved a final plat and a building permit for the 600+ room Bakken Inn in a special meeting on Monday, Oct. 21.

The Bakken Inn project is being developed by Stephen Richards. Richards thanked the council and said he plans to move ahead with the project as quickly as possible.

"The next step is to get ready for the construction phase," Richards said. "We want to start that as soon as we possibly can. We will be meeting with the construction people all day today. The engineering work will get done so we can get to ground as soon as absolutely possible."

Stevens’ goal is to get the foundations poured for the Inn before freezeup. He said if the foundations can be finished, construction will continue through the winter.

"If we can get the foundation, we will go all winter long," Richards said. "We want to open up in the spring. If we can get the foundation laid, we will open up in late spring."

The Bakken Inn will be built about about three-quarters of a mile east of North Dakota Highway 37, on what will be an extension of First Avenue. The build will be manufactured in modular sections that will be shipped in and assembled on site. Champion Commercial Structures will manufacture the modules either in Weiser, Idaho or Topeka, Ind. Richards said between 40 and 50 people will be working on the site at any given time.

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