December 25, 2008

Be part of it

Be part of it

"Be Part of It!" is the FCCLA catch line for recruiting new members. And apparently it works. Parshall FCCLA has grown tremendously over the past couple years. One reason for this is student desire to be part of the lock-ins. The Halloween lock-in welcomed more than 80 students and a New Year’s Eve lock-in will probably attract just as many or more.

Basketball coach Derrick Hammonds stated at his parent/player meeting that he strongly encourages athletes to attend the upcoming lock-in as in year’s past it was proven that New Year’s Eve is a tempting time for youth to get into trouble. "I can’t make it mandatory, but if athletes are unable to attend I would a like a parent explanation of why they are not at the free lock-in.

Hammonds will be part of the action as he will be spending the night in the school gym chaperoning his athletes and everyone else.

A handful of other adults hand already volunteered to chaperone and FCCLA members are busy planning activities, games and the menu for free food all night. Free T-shirts will be given to non-FCCLA members. The shirt says, "I Pulled An All-nighter." All the FCCLA members already have one, but the shirts for members have an FCCLA emblem on the back.

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