November 6, 2009

Biofuel Blast

Biofuel Blast
Parshall students produce ethanol in classroom

Mountrail County 4-H teamed up with the Parshall High School ag department to bring biofuels education to students last Thursday.
Mountrail County Extension Agent Sharon Smith led an experiment for 72 students in grades 7 – 12 in Julie Woodbury’s ag classroom. Some of Kathy Onstad’s and Ruth Zacher’s classes also joined in on the “green” fun.
The scientific method was employed as students tested three cellulose products with water and yeast; table sugar, corn syrup, and wheat bran. Balloons captured the carbon dioxide gas that was given off and measurements were recorded at 10 minutes and one hour. Students then entered their results on the 4-H Web site, earning a chance to win one of several prizes.

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