July 3, 2014

Bolkan, Folden step down from city service

By Jerry W. Kram

With a combined career in city government that lasted more than three decades, Mayor Richard Bolkan and City Council Member Shirley Folden have witnessed a boatload of changes in Parshall over the years. With a special meeting at the end of June, they ended their time on the Parshall City Council and turned their positions over the Kyle Christianson and Robert Morenski.

Folden was the longest serving member of the current Parshall City Council. She was elected to five terms dating back to the 1980s for a total of 20 years.

"There have been a lot of changes and there are going to be a lot more changes," Folden said. "I’ve seen the construction of two new water plants, the airport was redone, plus numerous other changes. There are lot of new people coming in, and I’ve met a lot of new people. There are so many projects going on now it is going to take time for everything to come together. The new city council will do a good job, I’m sure."

Folden said she was proud of all the projects that she has helped guide to completion, as well as the many projects that are currently moving towards completion. While the Bakken Boom has brought some welcome changes to Parshall, it has also brought challenges.

"Keeping any employees around is a problem," Folden said. "It seems like they all want to go out to the oil fields. But our city employees do a wonderful job. The Centennial Celebration proved that. They did a great job for the city. There were a lot of people who commented on it and I would like to thank the city employees for all they did."

Folden was also on the council for Parshall’s Diamond Jubilee in 1989.

"I was busy back then too," she added.

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