May 25, 2017

Book brings back memories of WWII romance

By Edna Sailor
With Memorial Day on its way, it may be a good time to remember a woman who grew up just west of New Town. Doris Froholm lived on the family farm approximately 20 miles west of New Town. She is ninety-five years old now and has sharp memories of her life and her encounter with the love of her life as World War II hung in the balance. They were part of it.
Her story and that of her husband, Carl Bickel, is recorded in a book titled, “I Had A Comrade” by Paul M. Sailer. The book included the story of Doris Froholm and Carl Bickel.
Doris Froholm grew up on the family farm between New Town and Charleson. She has many wonderful memories of those years long before Carl Bickel came into her life.
“As I look back, I feel fortunate to have grown up there. It was a quiet, wholesome place to be back then,” Froholm Bickel said.

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