June 28, 2018

Boys and Girls Club Grand Opening

By Edna Sailor
There were an abundance of smiles, giggles, laughter and obvious joy in the group of children and adults who attended the recent grand opening of the new Girls Club facility in Parshall.
While kids scooted about and explored the expansiveness of the facility, adults commented again and again about how beautiful it is and how valuable it will be to children for generations to come.
Jacoby Jarski, Director of Parshall’s Boys and Girls Club, busily prepared food for the event but took a moment to make her observation for the day.
“Excited, I just keep saying we are so excited our kids finally have a place just for them. We cannot forget what amazing kids we have here,” she said.
“”It’s a good day. We finally get to open Councilman Packineau’s vision. After a lot of hard work it has finally come to fruition. This is a big step for our boys and girls to have this facility that is a special place just for them,” said Bandy Poitra, Project Manager for North East Segment. 
There were lots of good feelings in every corner of the building. That excitement translated outside as well as Councilman, Mervin Packineau staff Community Board members and others stepped outside to officially cut the blue ribbon and declare the building officially open for use.
Student Isabella Polanko, has been involved with the club for six years. She is 13 years old now and flashed a huge smile.
“This building is nice and it is so much bigger and we won’t have to be so squished together anymore,” she said.


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