November 17, 2016

Business owners ask for Main Street makeover

By Jerry W. Kram
Last month, the Parshall City Council decided to table the 2017 streets and sewer project to give Parshall residents and businesses a break after several years of disruptive construction. They also used the time since that meeting to weigh the opinions of those who would be most affected by redoing Main Street next year; the businesses along the street.
Three of owners of those business showed up at the most recent meeting to voice their opinion. That opinion was, to quote Larry the Cable Guy, “Git ‘r done.”
Larry Bolkan, owner of the Parshall Food Pride, Jeanette Cecil, owner of the Parshall Motor Inn, and Paul Langhans of Langhans Funeral Home all said they would support the renovation of Main Street, especially if it could be done quickly and not drawn out like past projects.
City Engineers Jasper Klein and Jason Strand presented a modified plan to the council and business owners. Instead of replacing the entire length of Main Street, the new project would cover just three blocks from the railroad tracks to First Ave. NE. They thought this project could be completed in 10 to 12 weeks with favorable weather.

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