May 29, 2014

Can a horse heal a heart?

By Jerry W. Kram

The bond between a horse and a young person has been celebrated in literature and art for centuries. From Black Beauty to National Velvet, the story of a headstrong kid falling under the spell of a powerful animal and learning about their place in the world is timeless.

Young people, and not-so-young people, are getting a chance to write their own horse stories at the Healing Horse Ranch four miles northwest of Parshall on North Dakota Highway 23. The Three Affiliated Tribes purchased the ranch a few years ago and now it offers horsemanship classes and equine therapy to anyone who would like to get to know these magnificent animals better.

The ranch, along with Heart’s Roping Club, brought in four time World Team Roping Champion Allen Bach and his family from Fort Worth, Texas to hold a two-day horsemanship and roping clinic.

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