Chairman tells media about need for a safe reservation

Chairman tells media about need for a safe reservation
Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Marcus Levings, warming up for a news conference Tuesday morning, told members of the print and TV media he understands the the oil economy has brought a lot of extra traffic to the reservation, but that safety is paramount and needs to be on everyone’s minds as they travel across the Fort Berthold Reservation.
Levings said when he drives approximately 15 miles into work every day on N.D. Highway 23 from west of New Town, he passes at least 20 semi-trailers, which represents an average of more than one per mile. He said North Dakota Department of Transportation or Bureau of Indian Affairs roads aren’t built for that kind of traffic.
“There’s an urgent need for water and scoria so it’s really hustle bustle on Fort Berthold,” Levings said. “As long as everyone drives with caution, it’s alright.”
According to Levings, time is money in the oil industry and he understands that as well as anyone. However, safety is a real concern and it needs to be considered with anyone traveling on BIA, state or county roads on the reservation.

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