October 8, 2015

Changes ahead for Plaza-Makoti Equity Elevator

By Edna Sailor

Myron Jepson knows he has a lot on his plate and hit the ground running from his first day of hire in August. He is the new Manager of Plaza-Makoti Equity Elevator. The facility is undergoing change and he brings experience to the table from the production side of the equation as well as the milling side.

"I managed elevators for the first eight years of my career, and then went into the milling industry for the next eight years. I believe that gave me experience to deal with both sides in the agricultural industry," he said.

One of the first changes occurred not long after his hire. Previously the elevator partnered with Gavilon, an agribusiness company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

"We no longer partner with Gavilon. It is important for people to know we have always been a cooperative and sometimes there is misunderstanding about that. I hear people say we are a cooperative again. We never stopped being a cooperative. During the partnership, Gavilon had a management agreement with us in exchange for profit sharing. When I arrived, we discontinued that arrangement," Jepson said.

Jepson believes his mission at the two-community elevator complex is clear.

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