April 3, 2013

Changes in Highlands plan need to be made

Changes in Highlands plan need to be made
By Jerry W. Kram
While the North Shore has been blessed with relatively modest amounts of snow for the last two winters, the memory of moving massive amounts of the white stuff is still fresh in the minds of the members of Parshall City Council. That’s why they concurred with city engineer Darrell Casteel in making recommendations for changes in the preliminary plans submitted by the builders of Highlands of Parshall development.
Casteel reviewed a memorandum he prepared and sent to Arfa Construction, the company that is doing the 320 acre development that will include hundreds of homes and apartments along with hotels and commercial real estate. He touched on several issues of concern with the project, but said his primary concern was snow removal.
“This plan would work well in Arizona or California – some place where they don’t have six weeks of snow,” Casteel said. “I would recommend that the developers remove most of the cul de sacs in the plan.”

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