January 24, 2019

Circuit training for better health

By Logan J. Davis
The best gift a person can give themselves is good health.
In the beginning of the year, many of us try to make those new year resolutions to rid ourselves of bad habits, like eating fast food, smoking, or being sedentary. But of course, it is nice to have encouragement from others on your way to the health goals you set for yourselves each year.
A group of women who meet and encourage each other to be healthier every Monday and Wednesday at the Parshall Lucky Mound Fitness Center. These ladies have been churning out the miles and reps in  a group training regimen centered around a challenging circuit training routine.
Of course, there are free weights, high-quality resistance machines, resistance bands and many different cardio machines involved and the Parshall Lucky Mount Fitness Center provides the best of equipment.

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