July 17, 2009

Circus creates a stir in Parshall

Circus creates a stir in Parshall
Like a crack Navy SEAL team, the Great American Circus of Stars performed its mission in Parshall and was gone before anyone could realize what had happened.
But like a careless crook, the circus left several clues indicating it may not be a legitimate business.
The circus operated for several hours on Monday night and left town by 5 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to Parshall Mayor Richard Bolkan. He said he did some checking around town and none of his contacts gave the circus permission to set up downtown in an empty lot next to the hardware store.
“It’s kind of crazy, but I think they just moved into town and set up,” Bolkan said. “The tribe didn’t have anything to do with it and nobody knew anything.”
Bolkan described the shyster event as a poor turnout, primarily because community members weren’t aware it was in town unless they actually were downtown. He said one of the circus employees was bold enough to enter the Food Pride grocery store Bolkan operates and ask for free tickets that were allegedly given to downtown businesses to pass out to children in the community.

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