October 13, 2016

City Council considers a break from construction

By Jerry W. Kram
With the 2016 construction season coming to a close, the Parshall City Council thinks it might be a good idea to hold off on the final leg of its extensive reconstruction of the city’s sewers and streets.
The city has been doing a bottom up revamping of its infrastructure for four of the last five years – skipping 2014 for the city’s centennial celebration. The last leg of the project would be replacing the sewers, sidewalks and pavement on Main Street and some adjacent avenues.
Mayor Kyle Christianson said that he has spoken with some Main Street merchants who are concerned that the project would mean the loss of an entire summer’s worth of sales for their businesses. Council member Pem Hall said that city had taken care of the worst of its infrastructure problems and that there weren’t any more real emergency fixes needed right away.

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