June 10, 2011

City Council discusses development projects

City Council discusses development projects
The Parshall City Council approved a building permit for RV parking lots and discussed plans for water line extensions in their monthly meeting on Tuesday.
Dean Rasmuson from Kadrmas Lee & Jackson represented LAG Rentals at the meeting and presented the plans for the new RV Park north of Cenex. The plans include three tiers of RV parking lots, all with sewer, water, and power. The park will also have a 40-foot shelter belt consisting of several kinds of tree to protect the park from the elements. Lots would be located approximately 150 feet off the highway and that only RVs, not oil field trucks, would be allowed to park there.
Rasmuson said that LAG “already had money and investors lined up to do it. They just need the permission from the city.”
He also noted that the park’s intention, at least during the oil boom, is that it be open year-round.
“After that,” he said, “it will probably be only recreational.
The City Council was in support of the park and approved the building permit, which only gave LAG permission to begin construction. The building permit does not give the park permission to use city sewers or water.

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