October 8, 2010

City council pays 7-figure water bill

City council pays 7-figure water bill
More than $1 million doled out for water plant construction

Paying the bills at a political subdivision meeting is normally a routine part of the agenda. But in Tuesday’s Parshall City Council meeting, city engineer Cory Chorne brought up three bills that easily eclipsed $1 million.
The good news is the three bills totaling $1,202,824.98, were all related to the city’s new water treatment plant about 18 miles southwest of Parshall. Unfortunately, Chorne threw in another bill for $21,949.24 in engineering fees to bump the total a bit more. The engineering fee was for the month of August.
Still, the council didn’t flinch when Chorne read the bills to them and council members quickly voted unanimously to pay the bills.

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