June 5, 2014

City gets ready for Centennial Celebration

By Jerry W. Kram

The Parshall City Council is ready to party.

One of the main topics of discussion at the regular meeting of Parshall City Council Wednesday was the preparations for the upcoming Parshall Centennial Celebration. Among the tasks outlined by City Public Works Director Al Christianson is the mounting of American flags and Centennial banners on the light poles on Main Street. Christianson said all the potholes on Main Street should be repaired this week and then new striping would be painted on the street.

He also pointed out that the city needs to contact Otter Tail Power to replace some burnt out bulbs in some of the street lights and that some of the lights may need attention from an electrician to get working again. In a side note, former city auditor and AE2S Engineering consultant Loren Hoffman noted that the city streetlights were installed in the 1960s and should be replaced as part of the city’s planned 2015 Main Street upgrade.

City Council member Tom Huus also asked Christianson to identify city owned lots where people can park campers during the Centennial and make sure they are cleaned up and mowed. While there won’t be any water or electricity available on those lots, the vacant lots will allow some visitors to attend the celebration without searching for a place to park out of town. Parking on the city lots will be first come, first serve.

Huus and Christianson also discussed the possibility of having one of the local aerial applicators spray the town for mosquitoes so the street dances will be more enjoyable. Christianson said he will see if any of the local operators will be able to take the job.

The city also approved special permits for outdoor and off site alcohol sales for the Saddle Rack and Alley Cat bars for various events during the Centennial Celebration.

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