November 8, 2012

City takes steps with eye towards Centennial

City takes steps with eye towards Centennial
By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall City Council discussed steps that could be taken so the community will present it best front during the Parshall Centennial Celebration in 2014.
Public Works Supervisor Al Christianson asked the council to clarify whether or not city crews had the authority to clean up lots in town that were considered eyesores. He said some lots were overgrown with trees and shrubs that made those lots hard or impossible to mow. City attorney Wade Enget said it was clear the city could mow lots but didn’t think city crews were allowed to remove brush or trees, but he would look at the ordinance and let Christianson know.
Enget said the city would have to work with the Three Affiliated Tribes North Segment to do any sort of work on tribally owned property.
“We should be talking with Mervin (Packineau),” said Mayor Richard Bolkan. “We can work together and with the cooperation of the Fort Berthold Housing Authority we can get the city looking really nice for the Centennial.”

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