February 6, 2009

'Coaching Boys to Men' Athletics, relationships have close tie

‘Coaching Boys to Men’ Athletics, relationships have close tie
Three area teenagers are willing to talk about a topic that is usually kept a secret – relationship violence. They also want to address the fact that boys should be educated or “coached” so they become men who respect women.
“We are not saying that guys don’t ever get abused or raped, because it does happen, but almost all cases of rape, abuse, and domestic violence are toward women,” said one of the team members, Ashley Folden.
And for that reason Folden and her classmates Harlie Crowsbreast and Destiny Steele were passionate about taking on a project entitled, “Coaching Boys to Men.”
“We hope that our project will catch the attention of male athletes and that they will truly listen. Most of all, we hope they will do the right thing in future relationships they may have with women,” said Crowsbreast.

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