July 13, 2017

College holds annual Science/Culture Camp

By Jerry W. Kram
With eyes fixed on the future and feet firmly planted in tradition, high school students from the Fort Berthold Reservation can spend a week exploring both science and the culture of the Nueta, Hidatsa and Sahnish people at the MHA Tourism Earth Lodge Village July 17-21.
Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College will hold its annual Science/Culture Camp at the Village, blending science and technology activities with cultural practices of the Three Affiliated Tribes.
“We do science activities ranging from plant identification, some geology stuff, some star watching, and we’re going to have renewable energy activities this year,” said Kerry Hartman, head of the science program at NHSC. “We will have solar collectors and wind turbines. Culturally, we will have a corn roasting, they will build a sweat lodge and do sweats every day and night, some crafts like beading and leatherwork, art, and visit with elders.”
Along with science and culture, there will also be the usual summer camp activities just for fun, Harman said, including archery, horseback rides and swimming.

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