November 26, 2014

Community Shops prepare for winter

By Edna Sailor

Everyone in North Dakota listens intently to what the weather will bring. It really does matter what the weatherman says especially when it comes to city shops. They must have equipment and supplies ready to roll for the ice and snow that complicates road conditions for drivers.

At the Public Works shop in New Town, Daryl Lyson, City Coordinator and his twelve employees have been getting equipment ready for some time now. With the sudden onset of winter, it is a good thing. If winter whistles through western North Dakota like it has in the past, Lyson will likely use six semi loads of sand treated with salt for roadways. A stockpile is already in place on a city lot close to his office. But it will not last all winter. He likes to buy sand locally to ensure he can get supplies here within two days notice.

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