September 22, 2016

Construction work winding down

By Jerry W. Kram
Another season of street and sewer replacement is winding down as the Parshall City Council mulls future plans.
City Engineer Jasper Klein told the council that curb and gutter work will begin quickly as long as the rain holds off. The contractor is bringing in an addition 10 crew members so the work should go quickly. Klein said the contractor thought paving could begin before the end of the month but that he though early to mid October was more likely.
Klein added that the project had been slowed because it was harder than expected to source concrete. He said the Taco Bell restaurant under construction has been using a lot of the local concrete supply and the street project may have to go to a secondary source to finish all the curbs and gutters.
The council approved a task order officially authorizing the 2016 street project. Klein said that he had been more concerned with getting 2015 projects completed than drafting the order for this year’s project. Work on finishing the city’s new sewage lagoon is almost finished and the final bits of the 2015 street project were finally completed earlier this summer.

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