March 6, 2014

Council hears about the trailer court cleanup plans


By Jerry W. Kram

The Parshall City Council had a discussion about the Northeast Segment’s plan to clean up and improve the tribal trailer court in Parshall.

Brock Storrusten an engineer with Moore Engineering Inc. presented the segment’s plans for the trailer court. Storrusten told the council that trailers had been placed randomly over the years and the plan was to remove any unlivable trailers and rearrange the remaining trailers in a more orderly fashion. The plan would also replace much of the sewer and water infrastructure.

"All of the pipes will be buried seven and a half feet down," Storrusten said. "Some of the piping in there is only two feet deep and freezes up in the winter. We will be laying new pipe to the trailer lots and abandoning and stubbing off what is already there."

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