October 15, 2010

Crazy about her Dreamer

Crazy about her Dreamer
Editor’s note: When Andrea Skarphol isn’t working with her horse, she attends Max Public School. A seventh-grader, she especially enjoys the school’s FFA program.
Fern Skarphol, Andrea’s mother, is also a horse enthusiast. She said she would like to see more people become involved in the Wild Mustang Challenge. She said the program is important because it offers hope for wild mustangs, many which might die in the wild. She is saddened by another thought, however. She said she has been told that some horses, once captured, spend several years in holding pens – waiting for adoption.

She’s shy, gentle and patient.
He’s handsome, free-spirited and a bit of a challenge.
“She” is Andrea Skarphol, a young lady from Ryder; the object of her affection is a wild mustang that captured her heart.
While Andrea is only 12, she already has eight years of riding experience; at the age of four, she was already on the back of a quarter horse. Several years later, Fern, Andrea’s mother, became leery of riding one of the horses at their rural home. The reason, she said, is because the horse liked to crow-hop (described as a mini-buck). Recalling the horse’s bad behavior, Andrea said, “She had attitude problems.”

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