June 6, 2013

Crew camp developer looks to Parshall

Crew camp developer looks to Parshall
By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall City Council had three zoning and annexation requests to handle at the regular meeting Tuesday morning, rejecting one, approving another and scheduling a vote on the third proposal for 1,500 unit crew camp.
The council considered a request by Dean Solomson to rezone a parcel of agricultural land along the Canadian Pacific Railroad on the road to Parshall Bay to commercial for a truck yard. Duane Risan and Eric Jaeger spoke against the request as it would bring a lot of truck traffic onto a road that is important for the recreational users of Parshall Bay. Both men own land near or adjacent to the proposed truck yard.
“I sit on the Park Board,” Jaeger said. “This road is very important to the users of Parshall bay.”
Jaeger said the road wasn’t built to handle heavy truck traffic and that oilfield traffic was currently prohibited on the road. Risan said the area was also prone to flooding in wet years like this one. City Attorney Bill Woods told the council that since adjoining landowners were protesting the zoning change, it would take a ¾ majority vote to pass the change. Since no one was present at the meeting speaking in favor of the change, the proposal was killed for lack of a motion.

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