June 1, 2012

Crew Camp proposed for Four Bears

Crew Camp proposed for Four Bears
A Texas company is has proposed building a 320 room crew camp in the Four Bears Segment of the Fort Berthold Reservation. The company would also building 70 single family homes on the reservation if its proposal the MHA Tribal Business Council is approved.
On May 14, Enspire Management Consulting Group, LLC of Fort Worth, Texas presented a project proposal and introduced a Resolution to the Governing Body of the Three Affiliated Tribes (TAT) during their regular meeting. After approval, the Resolution will allow Enspire and TAT to form a Strategic Alliance Arrangement to work together in a teaming partnership to provide for the new houses on the Four Bears Segment.
According to the project overview that was presented, Enspire will be granted authority to pursue the construction of a new workforce-lodging facility (crew camp), new homes, new construction of or upgrades to existing wastewater treatment facilities; a national brand truck stop; and up to three new hotels and restaurants. The plans also include a number of recreational developments and tourist attractions including the possibility of a family water park located at or near Lake Sakakawea on the Four Bears Segment.

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