October 29, 2015

Curlee named exceptional educator

It is a goal for teachers to make a positive impression in their student’s lives. Rarely do those teachers get recognized for their influence, except perhaps years later when their now grown students return to thank them. A Parshall teacher received her thanks possibly a little sooner than she expected.

Jenny Curlee, an English Teacher at Parshall High School has received the Yale Educator Award for 2015. She was one of 276 teachers and counselors from 40 states and 15 countries to be nominated by this year’s freshman class of Yale University. Just 51 teachers and 28 counselors received the award. Curlee was nominated by 2015 Parshall Valedictorian Myles Odermann, who is a freshman at Yale.

Curlee said Parshall is the kind of school where teachers get to know their students, and that is important to her.

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