January 14, 2011

Dakotan quick to go cellular, slow to text

Dakotan quick to go cellular, slow to text
Poll respondents support legislation to ban texting while driving
Going cellular for telephone communication? Definitely.
Embracing the bells and whistles of going mobile? Not so much.
Rural North Dakotans have jumped headlong into the cellular age, according to the latest North Dakota Prairie Poll, but they’re still just tiptoeing into the world of using their cell phones for texting, internet and email.
That may be one reason they overwhelmingly believe the Legislature ought to prohibit texting while driving.
Perhaps more unexpectedly, a majority of respondents to the Prairie Poll also believe the state should outlaw talking on a cell phone while driving.
Eleven weekly newspapers from around the state surveyed residents of their communities about cell phone use.
They found that while most have not given up their land lines, 87 percent have taken the jump into the cellular age.
However, at a time when the younger generation seems to be forever tapping their cellular keyboards and the world of business appears dependent on Blackberries and Droids, rural North Dakotans aren’t following suit.

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