July 15, 2011

Despite the rain, centennial a success

Despite the rain, centennial a success
A little rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of Makoti residents as they celebrated their town’s 100th birthday.
The celebration ran last Friday through Sunday in Makoti.
According to event organizers, the event ran smoothly except for the rain on Friday.
“The rain wreaked havoc with our registration/picnic tent, and eventually the water rushed through and turned it into a muddy mess,” said Lisa Schenfisch, chair of registration. “Then, to top that off, during the evening picnic when 400 people were gathered under the tent, lightning struck right across the street!”
According to Schenfisch, Saturday was a completely different story.
“The weather was beautiful and we could not have asked for a nicer evening. It helped us forget about Friday,” she said. “We had a great crowd on Saturday for the morning parade, during the day and for the street dance that evening.”
Schenfisch estimated that the committee sent out a 1,000 mailing and e-mails and they had approximately 450 actual alumni register in the event.
“We were hoping for a little more but we know that Friday all the rain kept some people away,” she said. “And we knew with all that was going on in Minot that might effect who attended.”
She noted that the committee members heard a lot of people say how much fun they had and from their point of view was well organized.

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