July 5, 2012

Developer outlines big plans for Parshall

Developer outlines big plans for Parshall
By Jerry W. Kram
Barry Arfa doesn’t think small.
His company, Arfa Holdings, presented a plan to develop 300 acres of land north of Seventh Avenue that would include lots for 500 homes, about twice the number that already exist in Parshall. Arfa has been working in Parshall for about the last year. He had been granted a permit to build a motel on the northeast corner of Seventh Avenue and Seventh Street but withdrew it after conceiving of his larger plan.
Arfa said his plan, which he called the Parshall Highlands Neighborhood, was developed by an Massachusetts Institute of Technology trained planner named Charles Kubat. The plan would include two areas of apartment buildings, several commercial areas along North Dakota Highway 37 and several parks. He said the development would include 10 miles of streets.
Arfa asked the city to waive a requirement for bonding 5 percent of the value of the project. The city council adopted the requirement after a number of proposed developments asking for city involvement failed to materialize. A number of council members thought the plan looked excellent but were very cautious about exempting any project from the bonding requirement.

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