December 12, 2008

Dialysis Analysis

Dialysis Analysis

Students get first-hand look at diabetes

Big sharp needles and the thought of possibly being poked by one made area youth think about staying healthy as they got a first-hand look at dialysis.

Thirty Parshall students traveled to the Three Affiliated Tribes Dialysis Unit west of New Town on Dec. 2 to observe what could happen if they were unfortunate enough to inherit Type 1 diabetes or if they don’t take care of themselves and ended up with Type 2 diabetes.

Although many people on dialysis have Type 1, there are more and more people who are acquiring Type 2 diabetes that is brought on by a combination of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.

Gladys Meiers was eager to greet the students and explain to them the process of getting dialysis. She also went into career possibilities and the importance of practicing good health habits.

Diet and exercise are equally important she explained in an effort to prevent them from some day becoming Type 2 diabetics. Meiers gave students reading materials, notepads and pens and gave the instructors a video set and booklets about dialysis.

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