December 18, 2009

Diggin’ design

Diggin’ design
Parshall High School’s agriculture department and Family and Consumer Science teamed up once again to bring emerging technology to students. For six weeks, the agriculture department has the graphic production unit, part of the Great Northwest Emerging Technology Consortium.
Instructors Julie Woodbury and Ruth Zacher combined their classes to allow most of the eighth grade class to experience the capabilities of the laser engraver. While not capable of cutting through steel, this laser engraver can etch onto glass, plastic, aluminum, wood, and leather.
Pictured are the eighth graders, holding Christmas ornaments they recently made on the engraver. Students design their projects on one of six computers provided by the consortium, then take the computer file to the laser engraver. The laser etches the design into the acrylic, then cuts out the shape they chose and a hole for hanging.

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