June 4, 2015

Docks, Parks see heavy traffic on holiday weekend


By Edna Sailor.

If it can be said that Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of summer outdoor recreation, it can also be said that area boat docks, parks and resorts were ready to serve the public and did just that. With relatively good weather, fishermen and pleasure boaters were out in good numbers over Memorial Day weekend.

Van Hook Resort area reported strong usage throughout the weekend.

"All three docks were open and I think that at least 300 boaters used them. It was a very busy weekend," Dawn Ritts, Manager, said.

New Town Marina Manager, Ron Himley, reported brisk usage of the park and docks.

"Two docks were open and approximately 80 boat owners used them," he said.

Parshall Bay Recreation and Campground saw fewer numbers at their site south of Parshall.

Barb Knudson, Manager, said, "We had about thirty boat dock users. The fish are just starting to bite in this area and the numbers will pick up when they do."

Fort Stevenson State Park experienced capacity camping and huge public involvement with their annual Skyfest special event. Water enthusiasts also used the facilities.

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