October 8, 2010

Education and fellowship

Education and fellowship
Circle of Life provides
classes to help those in need

What began as a court mandate to recognize the need for rehabilitation, has now expanded to include community members in need.
Circle of Life is considered a corrective thinking approach to rehabilitating those who may have been arrested for DUI or any number of other offenses, according to Verdell Smith, the Three Affiliated Tribes probation director.
He said the court doesn’t have to mandate an individual, or family, attend the Circle of Life educational classes. People who recognize they have an issue, may phone the office and be enrolled and on their way to a better life.
“We’re just not getting people to volunteer and we have to plant the seeds and make a difference,” said Tanya Fox of Cirlce of Life. “People could volunteer to join this program instead of getting jail time, but it’s now open to the community.”

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