November 20, 2018

Edwards authors childrens’ book

By Edna Sailor
 Stephanie Edwards, a Plaza Mother of three children. first thought about writing her book more than 17 years ago when her first child, Dylan, was born. The book is titled The Color of My Love. Back then it was some random thoughts she kept collecting in her mind. That process continued until last month.
“I started back then describing things to him not just for what they were but what color  they were as well,” she said.
That is where the idea for her book first took form. You could say it sat on a shelf all Those years, but that is not the way it went. Edwards had her Second child, Jersey and her ideas about life experiences and the color of them “just kept swirling around her mind.”
Four years ago, her youngest child, Journey Elizabeth was born and “It took me the third child to finally bring all the ideas and colors to a point where I could write my book,” she said. “I have to say that I am absolutely elated at getting this book into print and how proud my children are of me for doing it.”.
Journey Elizabeth, age 4, is now in preschool and brought the book to school to show her he teacher and classmates. The teacher read the book to the class where it was welcomed as a part of the activity of the day.
The book shows love through experiences and the colors of those experiences. Its intent is to depict the love and beauty between a parent and child. Edwards intends the words to spring off the pages and encourage parents to share the story with their children and loved ones and open discussions of how love shows up in their lives and the beauty of the color in it.

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