May 16, 2019

Elbowoods Chapel will rise from ashes

New life will rise from the ashes of the Elbowoods Memorial Congregational Church south of Parshall. The original historic building, which was moved from the bottomlands of the Missouri River when the waters behind the Garrison Dam were rising, was destroyed by an arsonist on April 22.
The parish in Parshall, which owned the chapel, held a meeting Saturday asking the question, “what is the next step?”
Bill Patrie, of Bismarck, brought forward two proposals in moving forward. Patrie and Ed Hall had been working for the last five years on developing a plan to restore the chapel before it was destroyed. It was to be restored this fall.
“Option one is we clean up and move on,” Patrie said. “Option two is we rebuild. But if we decide to rebuild, we must have a purpose.”

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