April 2, 2015

Elders hear of endangered historic site

By Jerry W. Kram

The MHA Elders Association will be sending a letter to members of the North Dakota Legislature asking them to approve funding to protect the Double Ditch Village seven miles north of Bismarck from future damage from the shifting Missouri River.

Amy Mossett addressed the elders group in a meeting at the New Town Civic Center to explain that the state historic site was in danger as the bank of the adjoining Missouri River has slumped along an area 1,900 feet long. The damage is exposing unique artifacts and human remains to the elements where they could be swept away by the river or stolen by collectors.

Mossett said she had attended a legislative committee hearing in the North Dakota Senate that approved about $3.5 million in funding to stabilize the river bank. That funding, which would go to the North Dakota Historical Society, was approved by the Senate. However, the funding was stripped out of the bill when it moved over to the House of Representatives. Mosset said she had notified tribal officials of the hearing, but that she was the only person to testify in support of the funding.

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