August 28, 2009

Enhancing quality of life in Parshall one step at a time

Enhancing quality of life in Parshall one step at a time
When Jim Quirk starting writing things down on an easel, people began to notice that Parshall has a lot of room for growth and expansion in the 21st century.
Quirk, an engineer with Kadrmas Lee and Jackson in Bismarck, was in Parshall last Wednesday night for a community visioning meeting that brought about 35 people to city hall.
Quirk was hired by the city of Parshall to put together a community betterment strategic plan that began with an analysis of present-day Parshall and meetings with a local steering committee chosen by the mayor and the city auditor. The visioning meeting was the second phase of his work that was designed to show residents what Parshall will look like and feel like in years to come.
“It’s important to get the community involved in this,” Quirk said. “But it’s critical that everyone of you affects the quality of life.”
Quirk opened his 90-minute presentation by asking everyone to close their eyes and think about a visual aspect of Parshall. He said there are things around us every day that should be changed, but we tune them out and don’t pay attention.

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