July 28, 2016

Farmers Market opens in Parshall

By Edna Sailor

"We’re almost out of onions," Tiffiney Deutsch said.

That was fewer than 15 minutes after vendors unveiled their baked goods, home grown vegetables and hand sewn items for sale. It was day one of the 2016 Farmers Market in Parshall. And it did not take long for dozens of buyers to show up and begin immediately purchasing their favorites.

"I know to get here early. Last year I waited too long and everything was pretty picked over. I decided to get here early this year," one woman who did not wish to be identified said.

She was early and it was clear she found exactly what she wanted. It wasn’t just the onions disappearing from the Deutsch table. Breads, pies, green beans, beets, jams and jellies were all choices for early buyers and disappeared rapidly from the tables.

Joyce Waldock once again organized the event. Pat Eisenzimmer, Stanley and Tiffiney Deutsch and her dad, Keith, Plaza, were repeat vendors. Deutsch enjoys her gardening project.

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