September 27, 2018

Finding families for reservation children

By Edna Sailor
Katheryn Felix, the Director of MHA Social Services says she “couldn’t be more happy and excited” about the recently developed collaboration between her office and PATH North Dakota.
The collaboration between the two organizations spells good news for children and home placements for them. Although her office has worked with PATH in the past a recent memorandum of understanding changes the way things will be done for children and families.
“We worked with them when we had to assist children with no relatives or homes available here at home on the reservation,” Felix said.
The new agreement will change all of that. MHA Social Services will work closely with PATH to provide training and licensing for placement of children.
“We will work with the families to ensure a good match with them. Therapeutic training with our families will make the best use of resources while keeping our children in their own communities instead of the separation we used to see. It is always better when we can keep children in their own communities, schools and families when possible,” she said.

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