December 11, 2014

Fire Department outgrows station, plans new building

By Edna Sailor

Community members want to know that if a fire or accident occurs, adequate services are available locally. Services do not happen magically. Sophisticated, ongoing preparation and planning goes on behind the scenes. Jamie Clemenson, Squad Leader for the Parshall Ambulance and Kyle Christianson, Fire Chief in Parshall knows this all too well.

Preparations for the Parshall Fire Department include planning for a new Fire Station. Preparedness means updating equipment and the Parshall Fire Department (PFD) has "outgrown its former home."

Christianson said, "We have been fortunate enough to have new equipment and we need to be able to house and take care of it. We need more room."

At the present time PFD is waiting on confirmation of the cost of the building project. A local group is also contributing money for the building. A $200,000 grant from the state for infrastructure will assist the station in becoming a reality as well. Christianson did not disclose the name of the architect, but blueprints for the new building are expected soon.

"Pending the preliminary blueprints and cost estimates will need to be submitted to the local group that is assisting with financing the project. If the plan moves forward we would be looking at early next spring for construction.," Christianson said.

PFD has been able to keep equipment and trucks updated to meet the demand. It is one of the reasons PFD seeks expanded space for its operations.

We are getting one to two calls per week now and we have to be able to provide the service." he said. "We have 15 volunteer firemen right now."

The new site for the building is "in the works" according to Christianson. When the move occurs, the Parshall Ambulance will not be moving to the new site with them. The ambulance service has one ambulance at the present time and Clemenson does not foresee the purchase of another one any time soon as there is not enough trained staff available to warrant the purchase. Jamie Clemenson, Ambulance Squad Leader noted that the ambulance has enough room to meet its needs in the current building.

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