August 29, 2019

Fire wipes out honey business

By Jerry W. Kram
On Saturday afternoon a devastating fire erupted at Buoye Honey Company, Brian Buoye’s beekeeping operation near Plaza.
The company has been in operation near paza producing honey with the bees for 16 years.
According to a post on the GoFundMe website, the fire started in one of the farm’s warehouses. The honey extracting plant, bee boxes, boxes filled with honey and 1,600 55-gallon drums of honey were destroyed.
The fire was so intense it could not be extinguished. Firefighters from Parshall, Plaza, Makoti/Ryder along the Three Affiliated Tribes Law Enforcement and Plaza Ambulance arrived to fight the blaze. However, they had limited water supply to fight the blaze, so their main priority was damage control.

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