July 1, 2015

First Santee Lucky Mound Powwow a success

By Jerry W. Kram

A new year brought a new name and upgraded facilities for the Santee Lucky Mound Powwow that was held last weekend south of Parshall. About 230 dancers and 16 drum groups participated in what had been the Nuxbaaga Powwow and Celebration.

2015 powwow committee president Karen Rabbithead was happy that in addition to the upgraded arbor and announcers booth, significant improvements were made to the parking and camping areas of the powwow grounds.

"Things were a little more organized this year, especially with our parking," Rabbithead said. "We had was pretty much a new powwow grounds last year, and it was a little bit chaotic. This year we were more prepared. I think the parking went really well with our security running it. They made sure things went right. A lot of people came up to me and said that we were one of the only powwows with a parking lot."

Rabbithead said that the camping area improvements generated some good comments as well.

"My biggest worry was getting people in and out, along with the campers," Rabbithead said. "Especially the primitive campers. We had a lot of RVs this year too."

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