April 9, 2010

Flowing toward profit

Flowing toward profit
Business brisk at Parshall City Council meeting
Water is becoming a precious commodity in North Dakota and nobody knows that better than the Parshall City Council.
Mark Johnsrud representing Power Fuels of Watford City, and C.B. Lackey, of EOG in Denver, met with the city council Tuesday morning hoping the city could assist them in staving off a severe water shortage this summer.
The two men predict a water shortage this summer and because water is essential for fracturing wells to extract crude oil, they want to build a pipeline for easy access to Missouri River water.
City engineer Cory Chorne flanked the two men as they made their presentation. He said Parshall’s new water treatment facility will serve the residents of Parshall and Fort Berthold well, but he is otherwise cautious.
“We have the capability to move 22 million gallons of water a month,” Chorne said. “But we can’t deplete the reservoir.”
Chorne said he has met with Johnsrud and Lackey regarding options for EOG to get water out to their oil well sites.

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