July 5, 2018

Former Commissioner: Tragedy looms below Wabek

A southbound driver’s biggest fear
bhg news service
One of the most dangerous railroad intersections in Mountrail County does not have cross arms, lights or bells — just cross bucks and stop signs.
Its location is approximately three and a half miles south of Plaza along Mountrail County Road No. 1 at the ghost town of Wabek. This ghost town is known for two things to the people in the community: the western bar on top of the hill and the dangerous railroad crossing in the coulee below.
“I think the crossing at Wabek is an extremely dangerous one,” Mountrail County Engineer Jana Hennessy said. “Canadian Pacific Railway and the North Dakota Department of Transportation are very well aware of this crossing. We personally sent a letter to NDDOT addressing the issue.”

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