September 11, 2009

Fort Berthold eyeglass program kicks off

Fort Berthold eyeglass program kicks off
Parents reminded to turn permission slips back to school

Beginning Monday, community members will be able to benefit from a free eye exam and pair of glasses thanks to OneSight and Walking Shield. The program is hoping to fit 2,000 children ages 5-21 throughout the entire reservation with a free eye exam and pair of glasses. Two hundred pairs of glasses will also be given to elders aged 55 and older.
The program is approximately $500,000 worth of free services and 2,000 pairs of glasses, according to Jared Eagle, who is spearheading the program.
“We want to try to see 2,000 kids,” Eagle said. “We want to get all five schools on board.”
All of the schools have received permission slips and should have begun distribution this week.
“We are asking all children return their permission slips to their respective schools, no child will be seen without a signed permission slip,” Eagle said. “The children will be transported to the Northern Lights Building (in New Town) on their schools scheduled day. The segment offices from each community have volunteered to provide lunch for their respective community’s school when they are at the Northern Lights Building.”

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