March 9, 2017

From India to the North Shore

By Edna Sailor
Teji John Thanippilly came to Parshall’s St. Bridget Catholic church three years ago to serve as the parish. He didn’t just show up there, he was called to his position.
“ One day about four years ago, my Bishop in India received a call from Bishop David D. Kagen of the Bismarck Diocese. There were 75 of us and my Bishop chose me. At first I didn’t like the idea because I was the only child left at home with my aging parents and I did not really want to leave them alone. I came up with some objection such as I did not speak very good English. My Bishop told me ‘you are going there to teach faith not English’ so out of my belief of obedience, I left my country and came here” Thanippilly said.
Father Thanippilly served as a priest in India for nearly fifteen years prior to his US service. He also served as a Financial Administrator in his diocese.

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