January 22, 2015

Garbage, Golf Course on city agenda

By Jerry W. Kram

Parshall will be boosting garbage rates this year because Circle Sanitation has raised the rate it charges the city for residential garbage collection. The council also discussed a new water supply for the Doc Blatherwick Memorial Golf Course, which the city is planning to annex, and making changes in water rates.

City Auditor Kelly Woessner reported that Circle Sanitation has raised its fee for residential garbage collection to $17.50. Currently, the city charges residents $18, a cost set when Circle Sanitation charged $14.25 per account. The council discussed raising the fee for garbage collection, which covers providing waste bins to homeowners and the cost of administration. The council instructed City Attorney Bill Wood to write an ordinance to make the fee equal to what Circle Sanitation charges plus $2, which total $19.50 a month for 2015. The council will take up the ordinance again next month.

The council also discussed what to do about homes that used city sewer service but not water service. Something like a half dozen homes in Parshall fall into that category, Woessner said. The council expressed view that all homes using city services should also be hooked up to the city water system.

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