February 27, 2009

Go, Whoa, No Touches

Go, Whoa, No Touches
Teens address a very ‘touchy’ subject
By Chelsey Ruud, Madeleinne Zacher and Nicole Packineau
Area teens have checked statistics and are adamant about facing an issue many adults don’t want to address or they seem to shy away from.
According to Workforce Safety there are more than 30,000 additional people in North Dakota right now because of the oil industry. With that in mind there are many children in the area who are left unattended by their parents/guardians (especially those 12 years of age and under). A combination of these two statistics may have huge negative results.
With these numbers in mind, Chelsey Ruud, Madeleinne Zacher and Nicole Packineau joined as a team to present information to area youth that strangers may be dangerous and they need to know the difference between good and bad touches. They also want kids to know who they should tell if something ‘bad’ or uncomfortable is happening to them.
“Elementary students receive little information about the difference between touches that are good, and touches that are bad,” Zacher said.

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